Hidden Gems: Traders Point Creamery Tours

Before the quarantine, my three boys’ athletic lives had taken over ours. We would leave work, grab a quick meal and carpool the boys to their practices. Repeat. Five nights per week.

As it did for so many, the quarantine made us slow down.

Some families made puzzles. Some made art. Some became bakers. We became hikers.

After visiting several local parks, I remembered that Traders Point Creamery had a hiking trail, as well as an outdoor dairy bar. A hike followed by an ice cream: What could be better?


In 2003, Traders Point Creamery was established as a 100% grass-fed dairy farm and artisan creamery in Zionsville. They became the first USDA-certified organic dairy farm in Indiana. Part of their mission is to educate consumers about farming and nutrition. One way they do that is by offering self-guided hiking tours.


When we arrived at the Creamery, we purchased a $3 band for each hiker. We were also given a map. We were encouraged to stay on the trail as the farm is a working farm.

The trail took us by the milking parlor and a barn. The lower level of the barn houses animals, and the upper level is used as an event venue. Once past the barn, we encountered a gate that led to the pasture loop. We found ourselves in the company of Brown Swiss cows, Jersey cows and baby calves.

We meandered down the rocky path into the woods. The trees created a shady tunnel that paralleled Eagle Creek.


The trail opened to a field of wildflowers, which towered over my youngest son’s head. From there we found ourselves back in the pasture. We encountered more grazing cows as we headed back towards the barn.


At the end of the hike, we saddled up to the outdoor Dairy Bar and ordered three chocolate milkshakes. They were rich, creamy and deliciously cold. It was the perfect ending to a perfect hike.

9101 Moore Rd., Zionsville | traderspointcreamery.com

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