Global Village Welcome Center

This cultural destination on Indy's northwest side is a great place to learn about the many cultures of the people who call Indianapolis home.

Indianapolis is a city that’s home to people from all around the world. Everywhere you go in Indy, you’ll find examples of the many cultures that make up this city. The Global Village Welcome Center, situated on the northwest side of Indianapolis, is a unique place where all cultures can gather, share and celebrate their traditions. Here, visitors will find galleries with donated art and artifacts, exhibits with works from all continents, and a welcoming space to learn about cultural traditions.


What You’ll Find at Global Village Welcome Center

Located in the International Marketplace in Lafayette Square, the Global Village Welcome Center features cultural exhibits, classrooms, a demonstration kitchen, dance studios and other spaces dedicated to sharing and celebrating different traditions. 

As you walk around the space, you’ll see exhibits with artwork and objects from countries around the world. Most of the things on display are for looking at only. However, there are a few more interactive objects that are great for kids to explore, like real musical instruments.


Countries from all continents are represented at Global Village Welcome Center. But if visitors don’t see their country represented, they are welcome to contact the center and arrange to have items from their country displayed. The Global Village Welcome Center wants to build up a collection that represents as many of the people who live in Indy as possible. So, the exhibits are constantly expanding and changing. 

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Global Gifts Gift Shop

Inside the Global Village Welcome Center, visitors will find the center’s gift shop, Global Gifts. This is a non-profit gift shop that specializes in offering one-of-a-kind jewelry, home goods, toys and food items from nearly 40 countries. Many of the items sold in the store are ethically sourced, and the artisans have been paid a fair wage.


Events at Global Village Welcome Center

Global Village Welcome Center is located within the International Marketplace. This 2.5-mile community in Indy is where more than 100 languages are spoken and 900 ethnic businesses and restaurants are located. Each month, the center organizes lunch and dinner tours, where visitors can experience some of the best cultural cuisines located in the International Marketplace. These meals provide guests with an opportunity to eat delicious ethnic dishes, mingle with great company and explore the hidden gems that Indy has to offer.

Other events happen on a yearly basis. These include the World Arts Expo, Savor the International Marketplace, Holiday Bazaar & World of Trees Expo, and others. More info about the events happening at Global Village Welcome Center can be found here

More Info

Global Village Welcome Center is located at 4233 Lafayette Road in Indianapolis. It’s open six days a week, and closed on Sundays. Admission is free and open to everyone. For more info, visit

Nicole Sipe
Nicole Sipe
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