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Conner Prairie Gingerbread Houses Preview - Indy's Child Did we mention how thrilled we are to welcome Shelly to the Indy’s Child team? After a brief stint away, Shelly recently returned to the Indianapolis area and is now discovering it through the eyes of parenthood. Here is the outcome of her first assignment with Indy’s Child… take it away Shelly!

Okay I’ll admit it: When I saw that there was a gingerbread village at Conner Prairie, I didn’t rush right over. However, three things convinced me to go:
1.) It’s two minutes from my house,
2.) As a member I’d get in free, and
3.) Candy plus architecture was super intriguing.
I decided to check it out with some friends before bringing my two year old there. I’m extremely thankful for my ‘mom antenna’ on this one because she would have been like Godzilla in that beautiful holiday village. So if you’re looking for a quick stop along the way to another Conner Prairie holiday event or if your toddler dislikes candy, this is perfect for you. For everyone over three who can restrain themselves from eating stale candy, go for it!
Conner_Prairie_Gingerbread_Houses_Toddler (1 of 1)
I was in awe with the creativity the artists used in building their gingerbread houses/candy factory/zen garden/etc. There were twenty-nine different gingerbread scenes at the village made by artists of all ages. My favorite parts were the note cards alongside the scenes describing their back story. It was fun hearing everyone recognize the different types of candy within the scenes. We saw Twizzlers used as suspension cables and Fruit Roll-Ups used as color guard flags.

Conner_Prairie_Gingerbread_Houses_Detailed_Icing (1 of 1)

I was secretly competing against the kids in the scavenger hunt the museum provided, trying to find all of the items before they did. {Note: I did not win.} You can also vote for your favorite gingerbread scene, but I warn you, it’s a very hard decision. The nice thing is, this is just one stop of a full list of other holiday events going on at Conner Prairie, such as Breakfast with Santa, Holiday Adventures in Prairie Town and Conner Prairie by Candlelight.

Conner_Prairie_Gingerbread_Houses (1 of 1)

You should definitely take advantage of this beautiful Indianapolis weather we’re having by going to Conner Prairie to see these events. If you are unable to attend this weekend, the work of both amateur and professional gingerbread architects will be showcased until January 3. In the mean time, you can find me up to my elbows in gumdrops, with icing in my hair and suffering a sugar-induced coma as I try my hand making my very first gingerbread house. Wish me luck!

MORE INFO: Gingerbread Village at Conner Prairie will be on display through January 3, 2016 inside the Welcome Center. Conner Prairie is located at 13400 Allisonville Road in Fishers. Admission is free for members – it is also included with paid general admission. Call {317} 776-6000 or visit connerprairie.org for more details.

Shelly Bergman - Indy's Child Writer
About Shelly:

Shelly Bergman is a freelance writer who began writing in 2013 after the birth of her daughter. After being away from Indiana for 6 years, she has brought her family back to the place her heart belongs. In her free time, she enjoys exploring Indy, working on projects for her new home, or planning yet another Disney vacation. Above all, her deepest passion is her family. She loves adventuring with her travel sidekick Sophie (2), playing board games with her husband Jeffrey, and enjoying the park with her dog Lexi. When she’s not crafting or writing for her blog DIY Mama she is working as a personal home organizer. Follow along in her adventures at @shellybergman on Instagram or @shelly_bergman on Twitter.

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