Fun & Unique Food Trucks in Indy

We love getting food from a food truck. Maybe it’s because it’s quick and convenient. Maybe it’s the atmosphere of picking up a snack and continuing down the festival walkway. Or maybe it’s because we feel like we’re receiving something unique from a small business that has put a lot of time and heart into what they’re doing. 

Regardless of the reason, there are quite a few food trucks in the Indy area doing things we may not have imagined. Two websites make it easy to track your favorite food trucks: and Chances are, you’ll end up in a fun location as well, something the whole family will enjoy. 

Here are a few unique food trucks in the Indianapolis area to check out. Because food trucks are not always located in the same place on the same days at the same times, double-check the food truck’s website or social media before heading out, to make sure of the location and time it will be serving. 

Food Trucks in Indianapolis:

BB&B Bread Truck

You’ll find delicious baked goods like stuffed fried bourbon buttermilk brioche, corn dog brioche beignets, donuts and more, all made with love by AJ Feeny-Ruiz, who has worked in many French kitchens making pastries and bread. The flavors change with the seasons and holidays, so you’ll always experience new tastes each time you visit.

Las Tortugas Food Truck & Catering

Based out of Westfield, Las Tortugas serves authentic street tacos, tamales (a la carte or by the dozen), homemade chips and salsa and more. They are typically parked outside of Grand Junction Brewing Company in Westfield, but you’ll also see them pop up all over the community.

Las Tortugas Food Truck & Catering
Las Tortugas Food Truck & Catering; Photo Credit:

The NY Slice

We’ve all had pizza … but then there’s New York pizza, which is a whole different thing. Based out of Greenwood, you’ll find The NY Slice roaming all around Indy. If you’ve never experienced their brick-oven baked slices the size of three normal slices, visiting NY Slice would be worth the trip. 

NY Pizza
NY Pizza Indianapolis food truck

Rose & Lois Mobile Espresso Bar

Rose & Lois started out solely as a coffee truck, then opened a brick-and-mortar cafe in Carmel in 2020. You’ll still find the Rose & Lois Mobile Espresso Bar making the rounds at community events and other gatherings, where they sling local coffee and espresso-made drinks, as well as baked goods and hot cocoa.

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R&L Coffee
R&L Coffee; Photo Credit:

Say Cheese! 

Five years ago, a couple of guys from Baltimore, MD decided their community needed better grilled cheese. As they’ve grown, they’ve brought one truck to the Indianapolis area and are currently serving at events around town. While most of us could go for a delicious comfort food like grilled cheese at any time, the menu includes more than the classic. From breakfast treats like the Steak, Egg and Cheese sandwich and Sausage Smash to lunch and dinners sandwiches like the Country Cowboy, complete with smoked brisket, mac and cheese, BBQ sauce and more. They also offer vegetarian and healthy sandwich selections.

Say Cheese Food Truck
Say Cheese; Photo Credit:

The Urban Artisan

“Keep calm and monocle on,” is the motto of The Urban Artisan, a food truck trolley (yes, trolley) that serves handcrafted sandwiches and desserts made to order. You’ll find sandwiches like Chicago Italian beef and Cuban sandwiches, as well as amazingly decadent slices of cake, including bananas foster and red velvet.

El Venezolano

El Venezolano is the first and only food truck in Indy featuring authentic Venezuelan food, making the stop a new experience for many. Their claim to fame are their Venezuelan arepas, which are stuffed with a variety of meats and sauces to satisfy your taste buds. 

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