Family Tradition: Live Nativity Scene

One of my family’s most cherished Christmas traditions is to attend a live nativity. Sometimes the true meaning of Christmas can get lost in the frantic hustle and bustle of the season. We are so busy cramming everything into one “month of fun” that we forget to slow down and think about WHY we are doing all of this.


Walking through the live nativity is a unique, memorable way to bring the birth Christ to life. My kids have loved traveling through the town of Bethlehem and seeing all that Mary and Joseph would have seen on the night that Christ was born.

Photo Credit: Castleton United Methodist Church
Photo Credit: Castleton United Methodist Church

While on the journey through Bethlehem (at both St. Mark’s Methodist Church and Castleton Methodist Church) you will: take part in the Roman Census, travel through a market town, stop by an inn with no vacancies, visit with the Three Wise Men, see beautiful angels and stumble upon a manager where a baby has just been born.

Beware! You may run across some Roman soldiers and tax collectors along the way!

Photo Credit: St. Mark’s United Methodist Church

And of course, a journey through Bethlehem would not be complete without plenty of live animals (including a camel.)

Check out the Indy’s Child guide to Live Nativity Scenes around Indy, and plan a visit today!



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