Express Yourself!

When I was in grade school, I was proud to wear extra-large Sponge Bob tees, which came all the way down to my knees along with and mismatched braids that I attempted to do myself. Then middle school happened. More pressure was put on trying to be “fashionable” and “fit in” with everyone else, and my unique style disappeared along with much of my confidence. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gone back to my carefree style, and have realized that those who care about me appreciate my uniqueness. Now I wear whatever makes me happy, including purple jeans, reindeer sweaters and fuzzy socks!

Common stories like these are the inspiration for The Children’s Museum’s new digital experience, What’s Your Style? Express Yourself! The onsite display, along with an Instagram campaign, encourages kids and adults to own and be proud of their own personal styles. Parents, you witness your kids’ styles everyday as they don superhero capes, tutus and cowboy boots. Adults can own their style, too – and here’s your chance!

What’s Your Style? encourages children and families to be inspired by famous and everyday fashions with the hope of promoting creativity, sharing memories and building self-esteem. In the experience, your family will get a sneak peek of fashions from The Children’s Museum’s textile collection closet and you’ll also have the opportunity to mix and match styles on our brand new iPad app.

This February, there are so many ways you can be inspired to express yourself!

  • Download and play with our iPad app! Kids can mix and match pieces from the museum’s textile collection to create styles in the exhibit or at home – anytime, anywhere!
  • Join our Instagram campaign and #OwnThatStyle! Each day in February, be inspired by a new style from the museum’s textile collection and show off your style! Post outfits from your own wardrobe. You may be featured on-screen in our dynamic #OwnThatStyle map.
  • Visit The Children’s Museum to feast your eyes on more fashion! Be inspired by the museum’s textile collection pieces in person, be the cover story in the #OwnThatStyle “magazine,” or mix and match styles on the What’s Your Style iPad app!

    So take a second to appreciate your kiddos’ crazy-awesome style, and embrace that carefree attitude. Join us online and on-site at, and get ready to #OwnThatStyle!

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