Enroll Indy: Helping You Find the Best School for Your Child in 2020-2021!

Enroll Indy is a local, independent, non-profit organization that works with Indianapolis Public Schools and most of the city’s charter schools to help families enroll in schools of their choice.

Their School Finder allows families to find information about schools in Center Township all in one place, and filter by factors important to them (arts programming, academic performance, etc.). With the OneMatch application, no longer have to run across town or monitor multiple deadlines – you can apply to up to 10 participating schools with one application, on one timeline, and receive one school match! The second round of the lottery application is open now through April 30, with matches sent to families on May 21. 

OneMatch 2020-2021 Round 2: FAQ

Which schools participate in OneMatch, and what are the priorities they give applicants?

All IPS choice (what we used to call “magnet”) and most Indianapolis charter schools participate in the OneMatch application. For a full list, visit our website. Examples of priorities given include siblings already attending, or living with certain geographic boundaries, and those priorities are set by the schools or district. Our School Finder lists the priorities each school has set for the 2020-21 application.

Enroll Indy

The first application round has already passed, and the second round application has been open since February 1. Does this mean I won’t get a seat?

Absolutely not! Folks who apply on the first day of a round have no advantage over those who apply on the last day. All applications are run through the algorithm together AFTER the application period has closed. Additionally, even though many schools make most of their seats available beginning in Round 1, lots of folks choose to decline their seats or apply out to new schools, and some schools hold back a portion of their seats specifically for Round 2.

Does applying to only one school improve my chances of getting in?

The number of schools you rank on your application does not impact the likelihood of getting into your top choice(s). In fact, while most families only rank two schools, we recommend listing 4-5, so that families are less likely to be left scrambling during late enrollment, when seats are first-come, first-served. However, you should only list the schools you would actually be willing for your child to attend. 

How can I submit my OneMatch application, or contact Enroll Indy to ask for assistance?

You can apply online by visiting enrollindy.secure.force.com to create or log in to your account and begin your application. We are also happy to take applications by phone at (317) 426-3234, or assist in-person at 120 E. Walnut St. Families are welcome to submit questions any time by email at [email protected].

For more information about OneMatch and Enroll Indy, visit enrollindy.org, and find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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