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TopPicksForEasterFuninIndy_Indy's Child MagazineAh spring. The time when everyone’s fancy turns to birds, the flowers, and of course the bunny. You know the one. 6 feet tall, has a once-a-year gig and wore pastels before Miami Vice made them cool [and way before my fraternity brothers and I made them uncool again}. Yes it’s that time of year when you are about to be overwhelmed by egg hunts.

And if you’re wanting a full list of local hunts, definitely take a peek at our 2016 Indianapolis Easter Egg Hunts Guide right here.

But if you are looking for something a little more… just MORE this Easter, look no further. Here’s our list of Top Picks for Easter Fun in Indianapolis:

Pottery Barn Kids is hosting a Peter Rabbit Storytime at their Fashion Mall location on Saturday, March 26th. Bring a camera because you won’t want to miss the looks on their faces. The fun includes a tea party, snacks and more and kicks off at 10:30am. For free. Call their store with any questions {317.569.9144} but kids ages 2-10 are welcome.

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If your bunny is anything like our family’s bunny, he’s going to bring a kite. Why not fish out last years’ model and take it over to Spring Fever with Carmel Clay Parks? While this event does feature an egg hunt {with registration required to avoid a running-of-the-bulls-style end to your youngest child’s short life}, there are several other activities not the least of which is kite flying! If you see me there, can you help my kids with their kites? I’ve literally never gotten one off the ground and I’m really hoping for professional help this year.

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Or perhaps you’d like to take a less commercial approach to the season: Forgo the candies and the gifts and instead harken back to simpler times.

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Conner Prairie has your back with their Easter on the Prairie celebration which will allow you to dye eggs the old fashion way, weave your own Easter basket and sample a traditional Easter treat: Succotash. For those not in the know, succotash is pumpkin, lima beans and corn. That’s right kids, keep complaining that your mother and I aren’t letting you eat the Peeps and you’ll find your basket full of succotash tomorrow morning.

Even better, there will be a display of real life furry bunnies for your kids to pet among all the other fun.

There’s a baby at our house but he’s far outnumbered by the number of Zoo babies born at the Indianapolis Zoo this Spring. And they’ll be out for oogling Easter weekend, including lion cubs Enzi, Mashaka and Sukari, giraffe calf Mshangao, dolphin calf Calypso and many more. Easter Weekend is free for Zoo members and also included with regular admission.

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My Easter meal always stuffs me to the brim and requires a nap after. Much like Sleeping Beauty, which will debut at Peewinkle’s Puppet Studio this weekend. Set in their sweet little venue, our kids love virtually every show that comes thru Peewinkle’s. The show runs through April 16 which should be just enough time for me to recover from Easter dinner.

Finally, you’re so over chocolate bunnies and the idea of having to cut easter grass out of your vacuum for the next 6 weeks makes your skin crawl, I’ve got you covered: Check out the 15th Annual Circus Day at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana Historical Society. This is a celebration of all things circus. No eggs here but plenty of magicians, face painting, balloons and animals. So, while I can’t guarantee no bunnies will be involved, I can promise big fun.

I hope you get to watch your kids light up at one of these events designed to spark their creativity and encourage family togetherness. After all, Indy sure knows there is more to easter than egg hunts.

Luis Ruvalcaba - Indy's ChildIn late June, 2007 Luis Ruvacalba removed his laundry from the dryer to find that he had rendered all of his undershirts pink and shrunk his favorite red University of Arizona sweater.

At that point – as he says: “I realized: I need a wife. I married Katie in Sept of 2007. Aside from one lousy pen left in my pants pocket and numerous dried on Conner Prairie stickers, the laundry has gone pretty well since then.” Luis has four children: Maggie- 7, Micah- 5, Millie- 2, and Merritt- 1. Each of them helps him sharpen his parenting skills in new and unique ways. “Without Maggie I’d never have learned to put on tights. Without Micah I would have the weakest MMA fighting skills on the block. Millie challenges me to improve my search and rescue abilities. Merritt gives me weekly lessons in Matrix style urine dodging. Together we are the greatest family to ever ruin your family’s nice quiet afternoon at the park.”

Follow along with Luis as he helps shows you the best places to let your family run wild.

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