Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Broadway In Indianapolis Show

I realized it while we were walking in: My little bit – or Emerson as most everyone else knows her – has never seen a live musical. A travesty really. Having been raised by a musically-inclined mother and a former show choir/band/flag corp/orchestra/musical-lover myself, how could I have failed my daughter already at age 4? I made a mental note to check out the rest of the 2015-2016 Broadway Of Indianapolis schedule at a later date.

But here we were, Belle doll in hand and ready for the experience of hearing “Be Our Guest” live and in-person: It was the opening night of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at Clowes Hall.

So how does one review a tale that’s as old as time in well, 2 minutes? Like this:

  • The set design was stunning, easily immersing viewers¬†from one scene to the next
  • The actors playing Gaston {the narcisstic playboy} and Lumiere {the witty candelabra} stole the show with their onstage poise, banter and utterly perfect comedic timing
  • The cast ensemble has clearly spent a lot of time rehearsing together and play off each other flawlessly
  • Their rendition of “Be Our Guest” brought the house down
  • All of your old favorite tunes are there in addition to others that didn’t appear in the 1991 movie version but still helped add to the story + showcase the actors voices well
  • Some of the group dance choreography really left us impressively tapping our toes, especially “Gaston” and again – not to harp on it but quite the favorite “Be Our Guest”

The show lasted a bit long for us – at 2.5 hours and counting when we finally snuck out at Emerson’s request! – however it was entertaining, exciting and worth seeing. But don’t wait long to buy tickets: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Broadway In Indianapolis show is only open until Sunday, 5/3.


MORE INFORMATION: Beauty and the Beast runs Saturday, 5/2 at 2pm and 7:30pm and Sunday, 5/3 at 1pm and 6:30pm. Tickets are available on their website or by calling (800) 793-7469. Show includes a 15-minute intermission. Due to construction on Butler University’s campus, allow yourself a little extra travel time for parking and walking to the venue. Clowes Hall is located at 4602¬†Sunset Avenue, Indianapolis, IN.

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