Dig into the Dinosaurs! program at Indianapolis Public Library

Bunnies, Snakes, and Dinosaurs…oh my? That’s right, the Indianapolis Public Library is bringing their Dinosaurs! show to a library near you, and it will not disappoint.

Hosted by Silly Safaris, the interactive program is engaging, silly, and educational. And best of all, FREE.

The Dinosaurs! Program is a hands-on show that allows children to get up close and personal with many animals including a fuzzy bunny rabbit, an owl, a hairy armadillo, a skunk, and even Wilson, the ball python.


Angi Cat, a facilitator with Silly Safaris, held the attention of her audience and constantly drew links between the modern day animals she showcased and their ancient ancestors the dinosaurs. Children could barely contain their excitement as “Pickles” the whip scorpion crawled across her hands. They squealed when Frank the frog came by to say hello, and they gasped as the hairy armadillo clawed excitedly against his cage.

Dinosaurs Indianapolis Public Library _ Indy's Child
Peter Lucas Toledo-Jenkins, 3, a preschooler at The Children’s Museum, enjoyed meeting and petting the turtle. Peter’s mom Sheila volunteers at the preschool and heard about the program being held at the InfoZone library branch housed at the museum.
Dinosaurs Indianapolis Public Library _ Indy's Child
Hadley Bohrer, 4, pets the owl, whose talons were compared to those of the flying dinosaur the pterodactyl.
Dinosaurs Indianapolis Public Library _ Indy's Child
Guillermo Moya, 6, and Frank the frog get acquainted.

The program is designed for children ages 3 to 6, but all are welcome. Kids stay engaged as they are allowed to touch each of the animals showcased in the program, and they are frequently recruited to volunteer and demonstrate. As always with library programs, the focus is on education, information, and fun. Dinosaur books were available for check out around the room.

Dinosaurs Indianapolis Public Library _ Indy's Child
“Pickles” the whip scorpion poses for one of his adoring fans.
Dinosaurs Indianapolis Public Library _ Indy's Child
Hadley Bohrer, 4, demonstrates with Angi Cat of Silly Safaris how rats are excellent climbers. Children are asked to participate throughout the show.

If your child is an animal enthusiast, has a passion for dinosaurs, and if you are a fan of free family activities, be sure to check out your local library branch for a Dinosaurs! Program coming to you! Dates run through December and are offered at various times and days.

MORE INFO: The Dinosaurs! program will be held at various Indianapolis Public Library branches across the city thru December 22, 2016. This program is free to attend and you are not required to be a library cardholder. It is recommended for children ages 3-6 and registration is not required. Visit the Library’s website for additional details, times and branch locations. 



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