Craft time: Family Memories Snowglobe

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One way to keep those wonderful memories and family traditions alive throughout the season is to print out a picture of your favorite experience. Use that photo to create your own snow globe to put on the mantel or share with family and friends as a special gift.
Recreate this classic winter toy with a customizable twist! You will need:
  • – A mason jar
  • – Fake snow
  • – Cardstock or family photograph that will fit inside the jar
  • – Small white puff balls
  • – Fishing line
  • – Needle
  • – TapeFamily Memories Snowglobe - Indy's Child
  • – Markers (if needed)
  • – Hot glue

Thread the needle with fishing line and push it through three of four puff balls to create a line of falling snow. Make 4 to 5 lines of snow.
Tape one end of each line to the bottom of the lid with the tape (packing tape may hold things together better than scotch tape). If using a photograph, attach the bottom of the photo to the bottom of the jar with a few dots of hot glue so that it is standing upright. Another option is to have your children draw a picture or write a note on cardstock (use both sides).
Fill the rest of your jar with faux snow, winter-themed sequins, glitter or small figurines. Screw the top onto the jar with the falling snow hanging down; adjust it as necessary so that the artwork or photograph can be seen. Let the magic live on for years to come!



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