Community Health Network’s B.A.B.E. Store Helps Parents in Need

With thousands of babies taking their first breath at a Community Health Network hospital each year, the hospital’s commitment is to help more parents have the resources and information necessary to deliver and raise a healthy child. 

With that in mind, Community Health Network operates a B.A.B.E. Store, through which parents can earn items needed to care for and raise a child by participating in responsible parenting classes and prenatal visits. From car seats to cribs and everything in between, the program helps to ensure more children have the opportunity for good health. And, with costs on the rise, this program is as important as ever to support happy, healthy little ones. 

How You Can Help Parents in Need

November 29 is Giving Tuesday a global day dedicated to giving and transforming communities — and your gift of $10 or more can help to stock the shelves at the B.A.B.E. Store: 

$10 – Covers the cost of a package of bottles to keep infants nourished

$25 – Provides a set of onesies to keep little ones warm 

$55 – Funds a car seat for secure transportation 

$125 – Supplies a crib to ensure safe sleep 

For more information and to make a donation, visit the B.A.B.E. Store between now and November 29, 2022.

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