Bratz Dolls Re-imagined

Earlier this year, Tasmanian artist and scientist, Sonia Singh introduced her line of Tree Change Dolls that breathe new, somewhat unexpected, life into discarded Bratz dolls.  Pouty lips and smokey eyes were wiped away and replaced with freshly painted faces full of wonder. Short skirts and high heels were discarded in favor of adorable knit rompers and dresses perfect for exploring. The results of Singh’s  “makeunders” were refreshing and moms across the globe took note.


tree change

Bratz dolls, with their overly made-up faces and midriff-baring wardrobe, have been the subject of controversy since they first gave Barbie a run for her money back in 2001. Singh readily admits she did not set out to make a social statement with her down-to-earth creations.  She was simply looking for a way to re-purpose the discarded dolls. What she ended up creating, however, was something kids (and parents) didn’t even realize was missing from the toy aisle –  a fashion doll they could relate to.

Now, artist Wendy Tsao is taking her cues from Singh and transforming pre-owned Bratz dolls into female role models as part of her Mighty Dolls Project. From Nobel Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, Tsao’s creations give children the chance to play with dolls inspired by women who have made a positive impact on our world.


Photo credit: Wendy Tsao

Have a famous role model you’d like to see in doll form? Tsao welcomes special requests on her blog. Or why not try your hand at re-imagining your own doll. Singh offers a DIY tutorial on YouTube to get you started.

Love ’em or hate ’em, you have to admit, Bratz dolls have never looked so good.



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