Baby Talk with Robert Mathis

Indy’s Child: You must have a busy household with four kids at home! How do you and Brandi manage it all – especially with having children of such varying ages?

Robert Mathis: Brandi is the MVP of the household, she keeps it all together. I’m away a lot with football and things of that nature, but Brandi keeps it together and has everyone on a schedule – she keeps the engine running.

IC: She sounds like a Super Mom!
RM: Yes, that’s exactly the word.

IC:Babies can add a new level of chaos in a family – how are things going with Brielle?
RM: It’s good. She definitely brings an energy all her own –she will let you know if she doesn’t agree with something!

IC:How are the other kids getting along with a new baby at home?
RM: Good – it took Mason a little longer to accept her, because he was like “I already have to share with Jason and now I have to share with a baby” but he’s come around. Now everyone tries to pitch in and help – they fight over who gets to feed her and give her a bottle. Everybody loves her.

IC: Moms and dads sometimes have different strengths in parenting – are there certain things you feel Brandi does especially well? And you?
RM: I like to rough house and play with the kids – with the amount of energy the boys have, they need to get outside and exert that energy. I like to do physical things with them – go to the park and get dirty. Brandi keeps them fed and clean … and smart!

IC: What kind of lessons or values do you want to make sure you impart to your kids?
RM: I would say humbleness and independence – and drive. Just for them to know they are capable and smart enough to be anything they want to be.

IC: Were those the kinds of values you felt you grew up with?
RM: Yes, I got that from my mom. I witnessed her working her tail off just to make sure her kids were in the best position they could be. That drive and independence – I want to teach those same things to my kids.

IC: What’s the best thing about being a dad? What’s the toughest part?
RM: Just the love. And seeing how someone that comes from you can grow up with their own characteristics and personality. It’s a love like nothing else. And that sense of protection – it kicks in as soon as the baby comes out.
The toughest part is you really have to put yourself last. It’s a greater calling now. You can’t be selfish and have kids.

IC: Any advice you would give to first-time fathers?
RM: New dads – be ready! It’s not about you anymore!

IC: Brielle is certainly a cutie – does she have you wrapped around her finger?
RM: Very much so. Her picture is my screen saver on my phone. That big cheeky smile she gives me…and how she tries to talk to me with her looks and her little baby coos, she just makes me melt.

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