Abby’s Garden Parties

When Abby Perry of Zionsville and her young daughter went shopping for a succulent plant, the experience led the mother of four to launch a business, sharing the joy with others. 

“We had the best time learning about them, and my daughter now has an appreciation for plants,” Perry says. “I thought, how can we bring this back to the Indy area and share the love of plants?” 

Abby’s Garden Parties was launched in June of 2021 and she’s learned the fun of a garden party spans from toddlers to adults, proving “you’re never too old to play in the dirt”. They also host corporate events, putting a little greenery in the cubicles at work, as well as children’s birthday parties and everything in between. 

Not Your Typical Birthday Party 

Perry comes to your home or party location, sets everything up and gives each person a box, containing a scoop, pot and soil. (Pots are available in plastic or glass depending on the age group). Perry talks about the plants, how to take care of them and the benefits of plants in your home and everyone plants their succulent together. 

Once the plants are ready, the accessories come out and the decorating begins. Each participant has a tray where they can collect their favorite, unlimited accessories, including small animals, figurines, mushrooms and glow-in-the-dark aliens. 

You can even switch out the accessories throughout the year to feature sparkly pumpkins or Christmas gnomes and more. 

Parties take approximately 45 minutes to one hour and Perry does all set up and clean up, making it an easy activity for the host family. 

“To me, it’s just listening to the giggles. It’s not just a girl thing, I have accessories for the boys too and they have so much fun decorating their terrarium,” Perry says. 

An Activity for Scouts and Other Groups 

Perry can also deliver the requirements for Math and Nature badges for Scout troops, by adding to the activity. 

Not only does she talk about the benefits of nature in the home and how to care for the plant, but participants can use rulers to measure their plant to the pot circumference and calculate how much space they’ll have for their accessories. 

For those of us lacking a green thumb, or just learning to care for a plant, Perry says succulents are a great place to start because they thrive on neglect. Simply put an ice cube in the terrarium every two weeks and the plant is happy. 

Benefits to Plants at Home 

Perry has heard from numerous corporate office employees who thank her for bringing color and life to an otherwise drab office and plants can benefit the home as well. 

“Indoor plants are more than décor. They clean the air, reduce noise, create oxygen, remove carbon dioxide and keep us connected with nature,” Perry says. 

Studies show that students who study with real plants in their environment tend to be more attentive and better able to focus, and indoor plants can increase feelings of well-being among people with depression, anxiety and dementia. 

“I hope people can just sit back and relax and enjoy a little plant therapy,” Perry says. “I hope they become plant lovers and feel inspired. The parties are where the magic happens. I’ve watched an 80-year-old do one with her 8-year-old granddaughter and it’s just so much fun.” 

Visit Abby’s Garden Parties for contact information and to follow for pop up events and craft shows. 

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