A Mom’s Review: Frozen at the Murat Theatre

Who else needs a little more magic this holiday season? I know I do! What better way to start off the festivities than to see Disney’s Frozen in the Murat Theatre at Old National Centre in downtown Indianapolis.

The author with her daughter and mother

I was able to take my mom and my 4 year old to opening night. It was exciting to see all the little ones dressed as their favorite character, a mirage of blue dresses flooding the entryway. Besides all the little ones, there were a great number of equally excited adults for this night of magic — clearly enjoying a girls night, and even several date nights amongst the audience. Upon entering, we were greeted with an Olaf token key chain and kind words from the staff. We took some photo opportunities, hit up the restrooms and concessions (bottomless popcorn, my personal favorite!) before being seated. 

The Frozen National tour has performed over 900 shows, and with their show here in Indy, they have now performed for over 2 million guests! For those of you who have never seen a show at the Murat, it has its own vibe. It is a mixture of old-world charm and a little piece of nostalgia here in Indy. I always love seeing shows at the Murat in general, but this Broadway hit blew me away. 

Each one of us was mesmerized and enchanted in ways I was not expecting. First, my 4 year old stayed seated the entire time, which for those of you who know her, know that this alone is incredible. She did not even have interest in getting up during intermission for fear of missing Elsa. I have to be honest that I was slightly concerned about taking her to the 7:30 show, but she did great! Complete credit goes to the cast — they kept her enchanted all the way through. At times, she burst into song, she laughed at the jokes, and she was in awe of the magic. I loved watching her enjoy it so much. The sets were grand and beautiful and that paired with an amazing cast, completely transported us into Arendelle and we did not want to miss a thing! 

Elsa, played by Caroline Bowman, and Anna, played by Lauren Nicole Chapman, put on such an enchanting performance that my mom was moved to tears. Young Elsa, played by Emma Origenes, made everyone crack up multiple times from the start! Olaf (Jeremy Davis) was spot on and impeccable, and Sven the reindeer, played by Dan Plehal, took it to a whole new level! I loved that the musical included many of Frozen’s classic unforgettable songs, but also added several original numbers that made the show truly unique. All the cast worked so well together and was so believable that it really made the performance magical in so many ways. 

You will laugh, you will cry, and you will probably find yourself belting out at least a few of the classics! This broadway musical is a huge hit for all ages and will be running through November 26, so if you need a little magic, this is a wonderful way to start! Go get your tickets today! 

More Info

Frozen on Broadway

When: November 16-26

Where: Murat Theatre at Old National Centre, 502 N. New Jersey Street, Indianapolis

Tickets: Purchase tickets online here

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