WonderTree Farm in Zionsville

My son and I visited WonderTree Farm in Zionsville on a recent “Saturday Farm Day.” We had heard a lot of buzz about this farm, and we were excited to visit.

At the gate, we paid $10 to park, but then were given a $10 ticket to spend in their market. After parking, we walked through the market on the way to the farm. The market is chock-full of baked goods, tantalizing sweets and grass-fed meat.

WonderTree Farm
WonderTree Farm
WonderTree Farm

There are chickens, kittens and even a dog running around the market at WonderTree Farm. This was thrilling for my son. In the market, there is also an animal food station. The food costs $1 per cup. If you are visiting the farm on a Saturday with children, you must buy the food. The animals are why you come here.

When we exited the market, we were able to enter a gated area where we could interact with donkeys, horses and goats. I had never been in an interactive farm like this — it was so open and accessible.

WonderTree Farm
WonderTree Farm

WonderTree Farm was fairly busy with many children of all ages. Strollers are very easily managed at the farm. The kids were all smiles. The animals were peaceful and receptive to the children.

My son and I stayed at the farm for about an hour. We enjoyed the horses and the kittens the most. If your child loves animals, you have to visit this farm on a Saturday.

More info about WonderTree Farm in Zionsville:

WonderTree Farm market is open to the community Tue: 10 am-1 pm; Thur: 3-6 pm; Fri: 10 am-1 pm. Parking during these hours is free. 

Farm Days are every Saturday from 10 am-1 pm. Parking is $10, but you will receive a $10 voucher to shop in the market. Farm day activities include Horse Rides, Wagon Rides, Baked Goods from the Community, Open Pastures, Fine Chocolates, Cotton Candy, and More!

2280 S US 421 Zionsville | wondertreefarm.com

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