U-Pick Flower Farms in Indy

Summer is in full bloom. To celebrate, check out one of these U-pick flower farms that are located around Indianapolis. In addition to being able to pick bouquets of flowers to bring summer inside your home, you will have an excellent backdrop to photograph your loved ones!

Spencer Farm

7177 E. 161st St. Noblesville 


Spencer Farm is known for its impressive sunflower field. For $5, you can walk the rows of giant, beautiful sunflowers and take pictures. For $3 per stem, you can cut your own bouquet of red and yellow sun flowers. 

Be sure to stop into the farmer’s market for a slice of their famous strawberry pie!

Dollie’s Farm

3961 N. 425 East, Franklin


Dollie’s Farm is a 5-acre farm that specializes in lavender, but it is blooming all season long with more than 60 other varieties. When you visit, you are given a basket and clippers. Their prices are very reasonable. No price is charged for admission. You can visit and share a picnic with a loved one while watching the sun set over the fields of flowers. To take home flowers, you will spend between $10-$30, depending on the size of the bouquet. 

Dollie’s offers many special events like Yoga in Blooms, Sunset and Sangria and Doggie Day. Be sure to follow their Facebook page for all of the awesome events.

Dollie’s Farm

21 Petals Flower Farm

748 E. 700 S., Lafayette

21 Petals Flower Farm is a working farm. They are open to the public from 8am-8pm. They do suggest that the best time to arrive is in the early morning when the flowers are happiest to be picked. When you arrive, go to the navy barn where you will find buckets, clippers and water. Each bucket is $35, and you can fill it up, and you can take the bucket home with you. Most often this flower farm runs on the honor system. If someone is there, you can pay for your flowers with cash, otherwise, they accept payments through Paypal and Venmo. 

P&D Flower Farm

7749 E, 1000 N., Indianapolis


P&D Flower Farm is a beautiful place to visit or host a party. In addition, they have U-pick flowers available from June through October. The farm is open Friday to Sunday from 10 am-6 pm. There is a $5 fee per person to enter, which goes toward any bouquet you pick. Kids 12 and under are free. A unique feature of this flower farm is the floral design classes. Check out their website for upcoming classes like their fall bouquet class.

P&D Flower Farm
P&D Flower Farm

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