Set Yourself Up for Success in 2020: Tips to Improve Your Emotional Wellness

Finally, the holidays are behind us and we can afford to take a moment and breathe.

But don’t relax for too long, because as soon as we turn the corner toward 2020, we are bombarded with messages to improve our physical selves. ‘Resolve to Lose That Stubborn Weight’, ‘Finally Reach Your Exercise Goals This Year’, ‘Get Real Weight Loss Results in 2020’. And, apparently these messages are echoing what we seemingly want. According to one 2019 survey, conducted to rank the 10 most common resolutions, eat healthier, exercise more, and lose weight, occupied the top three spots, respectively.  

But wait! Why all this focus on just physical improvements? What about our emotional wellness? The truth is that in order to acquire real positive change in our lives, we have to have a sense of emotional well-being. And, this is even more important if one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to improve on any aspect of your parenting role. We know kids thrive in an environment that is calm, peaceful, and predictable and that starts with us!

So, before you buy that gym membership, invest some time evaluating the state of your emotional health. No matter what your goals are in 2020, real change is achieved from the inside out. Here are a few ideas to get started:

Review the relationships in your life.

Cut ties with friends who bring you down and redirect that energy towards friends who bring out the best in you.

Practice positive thoughts.

Optimism is one of 5 personality characteristics associated with success. Now, this doesn’t mean we have to be happy all the time, but rather take time to revel in the good and try and let go of the negative.

Keep a gratitude journal.

This is something suggested time and time again by wellness experts because it really does work! Take a few minutes each morning to jot down 3-5 things you are grateful for in your life. It can be something as big as your family’s health or as small as your cup of morning coffee.

Improve mindfulness skills.

Start small by committing to 5 minutes of deep breathing a day. Or sign up for a yoga class once a week with friends. There are several apps available, too, that teach basic meditation skills.

For a deeper look into your emotional well-being, schedule an initial appointment with one of our therapists here at Northside. Email [email protected] for more information.

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