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Indy STEM Camps specializes in MINECRAFT themed Camps for elementary and middle-school age children. At Indy STEM Camps we strive to create innovative and engaging STEM based camps that help children develop the problem solving skills necessary for success in the 21st century STEM world in which we live.

Basic Info:

Address: 9350 Windrift Way
Zionsville, Indiana 46077
Phone: (317) 417-0038
Website: www.indystemcamps.com
Email: [email protected]
Gender of Campers: Co-ed
Dates: Every Week during Summer 2020
Hours: 3 hours x 5 days/week
Ages: 6-13

Q&A with Indy Stem Camps:

What makes Indy Stem Camps unique?

At Indy Stem Camps we believe that the best kind of learning occurs when you don’t realize learning is going on. That is why our camps immerse children in the game they know and love but in a safe and secure social setting filled with dynamic games and challenges.

“Indy Stem Camps camper, Ryan Castetler, proudly displays the quest badges he earned while attending “World of Minecraft Camp”.

What activities are offered at Indy Stem Camps?

Indy Stem Camps offers a variety of Minecraft-themed camps for children between the ages of 6 and 13. With 6 different camps catering to a variety of skill levels and experience, we are sure to have a camp that your child will love.

What is the camper-to-counselor ratio?


Does the camp provide lunch/snacks or do parents need to provide them?

Only children who enroll in both the morning and afternoon sessions need to bring a sack lunch.

“Indy Stem Camps counselor, Alesi Lubarsky, helps two campers at “Minecraft Engineering Camp”.

What is the typical daily schedule for campers?

Because Indy Stem Camp meets for 3 hours each day we strive to keep the games and challenges fast paced and engaging. From the moment camp begins our counselors are leading campers through a variety of games and worlds designed specifically for our camps where campers play Minecraft on a dedicated and secure server that includes only other campers and which is constantly monitored by our experienced team of knowledgeable counselors.

How old are the counselors and how are they trained?

Each of our camps is led by an experienced college student counselor who has been with Indy Stem Camps as a counselor for a minimum of three years. Our assistant counselors range in age from 16 to 22 and all of our counselors have extensive experience playing and designing in the world of Minecraft.


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