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Indiana State Museum: Plan Your Next Date Night or Girlfriend Outing

The Indiana State Museum has a brand new adult series starting up at the museum called “Quirky Queries,” with talks on fun, unusual topics several times throughout the year.

The first event is on September 10th from 6:00 – 9:00pm and is all about ghost hunting. A ghost hunting group that’s investigated several of the Indiana State Museum’s historic sites will be there to discuss what they’ve found and talk about ways anyone can ghost hunt. Talk with staff and play with ectoplasm (as all good ghost hunters do!) and learn more about EMF (electromagnetic fields) and how to run your own paranormal investigation in your home without purchasing any of the expensive equipment! After the talk, stick around for a Q&A and chat with the team members one-on-one.

It’s a 21+ event with Sun King beer and special cocktails included with ticket purchase. (What better way to explore the museum? Kid free with adult beverages?) While there, check out the museum’s newest experience, A•MAZE•D! Watch a preview here.

Can’t make it to the September event? Check out the upcoming adult-only events, including an intimate evening with an Ice Age expert to ‘dig into’ stories of some of the most surprising animals that once roamed Indiana. Paleobiology not your thing? What about a cooking class with ancient grains? Holiday events are filling up, as well. The museum will offer a DIY holiday wrapping and Holiday Artisan Shop, and more. So, don’t miss out! Book a babysitter and head to the Indiana State Museum for some adult fun.

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