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Herron Preparatory Academy is Indianapolis’ tuition-free classical elementary school (K-5, soon to be K-8), and a member of Herron Classical Schools. At Herron Prep, our commitment to a comprehensive classical education nurtures your child’s natural curiosity and cultivates a lifelong love of learning. With a 96.4% IREAD-3 passing rate and the top 3% ILEARN results in Indianapolis, our scholars are demonstrating tangible success both inside and outside of the classroom.

Take it from our parents who describe Herron Preparatory Academy as a place where children are “loved, celebrated, inspired, challenged, equipped, allowed to dream, nourished with kindness and compassion, and immersed in an excellent learning community.”

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General Info:

Address: 3100 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis IN 46208
Phone: (317) 231-0010
Website: www.herronprep.org

Q&A with Herron Preparatory Academy:

What makes Herron Preparatory unique?

We believe all children are capable and curious, and meaningful contributors to the classroom. Our students are never seen as a number or product to be processed. Our teachers are dedicated to nurturing relationships with our students and families to build a culture of respect and trust.

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What is Herron Preparatory’s age/grade range?

Herron Prep is currently enrolling for grades K-6 for the 24-25 school year, and will add a consecutive grade each school year thereafter, through Grade 8.

What is your enrollment policy? Are there any key dates parents should be aware of?

All Herron Classical Schools enroll scholars through Enroll Indy at www.enrollindy.org. First-round enrollment ends in January each year, but applications are accepted year-round. At Herron Prep, any student living in Indiana as a rising Kindergartener-6th grader is eligible to enroll for Fall 2024.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Herron Prep is tuition-free. Assistance is available for uniforms, as well as free/reduced lunch and book fees.

What are the standard school day hours?

8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Does Herron Preparatory offer before/after school care? Does Herron Preparatory offer afterschool activities?

Yes, Herron Prep offers before/after school care via an onsite partnership with BRAVE Youth Program starting at 6:30 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. Clubs are also available for interested scholars.

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Is there a uniform or dress code?

The Herron Prep uniform consists of navy, red, or white polo shirts and khaki pants or jumpers. View our uniform policy in full on our website under the “Families” tab, or CLICK HERE. 

How many children attend the school? How many students are in the average classroom?

In the 2023-24 school year, Herron Preparatory Academy is home to 315 students, grades K-5.  The average class size is 22-24.

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Does Herron Preparatory have a homework policy?

The Herron Prep school day is structured with ample time to address individual subjects so that lower grade scholars will have minimal homework. Reading and review at home are always encouraged.

Does Herron Preparatory offer support for students with special needs?

Herron Prep has many different support systems in place for all types of learners, including a Special Education teacher on staff. Students will be assessed in individual subjects and move fluidly through the supports for their learning styles based on need and progress.

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What specialty classes / extracurricular activities does Herron Preparatory offer (gym, art, language, sports etc.)?

In addition to STEM, physical education, art, music, and dance, Herron Prep scholars will also take part in Classical Studies. Classical Studies will focus on Latin and classical cultures like ancient Greece and Rome.

What are Herron Preparatory’s safety policies?

The safety of our scholars is Herron Classical Schools’ primary concern. Our network-wide safety protocols include an on-site School Resource Officer and security team, locked doors, RAPTOR visitor login system, and drills. Communication is regularly sent home to families on how we keep their students safe

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Who should parents contact for more information about Herron Preparatory?

Please contact our Herron Preparatory Academy Director of Enrollment, Aprille Goodman, via email at [email protected], or via phone at 317-231-0010 ext. 13100