Sister Strings is a guitar lesson studio for young girls ages 7-18 who may be at risk or who are coping with a learning disability. Lessons are taught by Kara Tucker, a board-certified music therapist who has been working in the Indianapolis area since 2013. Kara will assess each student’s needs and address these goal areas through teaching guitar technique, reading and writing music, and working in peer ensembles. Kara hopes to offer these girls a positive outlet for tough emotions and unique coping skills through music for day to day struggles. Sister Strings is a safe environment for young women to learn to play guitar, find a creative and positive means of expression, and find a support network of peers.

To register for or contact Kara regarding Sister Strings, please visit or email me directly at [email protected]


Our Address:

9702 E. Washington Street, Suite 400-190 Indianapolis, IN 46229