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Day 10 of the 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways Sponsored by CollegeChoice 529 direct savings plan

It’s Day 10 of The 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways sponsored by CollegeChoice 529 direct savings plan! Today you can enter to win:

Aircraft Swing

The little aircraft takes you on a swinging sweeping plane ride through the room. Why don’t you make some rattling propeller sounds to accompany it? The height of the aircraft swing is adjustable. The seat can be adapted to the child’s size with the adjustable straps allowing even very small flyers safe and comfortable rides. Recommended for age 10 months and up.


smarTfold™ is the ultimate foldable, portable combination stroller and trike. It is 85% smaller when folded for travelling, transporting or storage, making it the world’s most compact folding trike (this video says it all). smarTfold™ not only exceeds the portability of most strollers, it simultaneously allows a tricycle to travel in ways never imagined, to simply go everywhere you can go, just fold ‘n store, then unfold ‘n go. The revolutionary new quick-click design requires no tools to assemble, and enables folding the trike, while it stays intact, just like a stroller.

smarTfold™ is not just a ride-in/on, it is the ultimate choice in “grow-with-me” hybrid products. Featuring seven or eight distinct configurations (depending on the model), smarTfold™’s unique construction contributes to the growth and advancement of a child’s motor skills by transforming to support any toddler, at every stage of their development, from 6-months to 3-years. As a trike, smarTfold™ elevates the experience of riding by creating new and exciting ways for toddlers to explore and discover the world and themselves, all while developing their confidence, curiosity and imagination.

Available exclusively at Toys R Us throughout the U.S., smarTfold™, retailing for between $99.99-$129.99 (depending on the model), is the latest in a long line of products from smarTrike®, the innovation leader in ride-on trikes for children, and one of the most-awarded-tricycle brands in the world. Life is an incredible journey, just watch it Unfold!

Web Riderz

Kids would love to find the Web Riderz Swing under the tree this year! M&M’s Web Riderz Swing is a 39” platform swing that is safety rated to carry up to 600 pounds. Perfect to hang outside. It comes equipped with two Springclips, and it is delivered fully assembly and ready to hang! The Web Riderz Swing is UV-resistant, so no need to worry about leaving it outside as the weather heats up. Hang from a two points for your traditional back-and-forth swing or from a single point to spin merry-go-round style. M&M’s tire swing line is made from repurposed tires, making them not only strong and durable, but environmentally friendly. Available in four fun colors including Tickled Pink, Snowflurry (blue), black and SuperHero (red and Blue); $115; Also available nationwide at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Cabelas and Toys R Us.



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