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Summer Camp? It’s Not Even Spring Yet. Indy's Child Magazine Summer Camp Fair

I realize it’s January, but summer will be here before you know it. While now we may sit here freezing our backsides off and cursing every morning we try to find missing gloves that vanished the night before, soon the dreamy glorious days of summer will be upon us.

That is, until summer actually arrives, then those “dreamy glorious days” statements turn into questions based on the reality of the situation.

“Why don’t you go play with your brother?”

“What do you mean your iPad’s broken?”

“When does school start back up again?”

“Why didn’t I plan summer camps when I had the chance?”

I’m mentioning this now, because, well…now is that chance. Summer camp registrations all across the Indianapolis area are beginning to open up. Whether you plan to ship your kids off to an overnight camp for a week, want your kids to improve their painting skills or their jump shots, or are just looking for a half-day camp so your kids get a break from you (and you get a break from your kids), there are many options around Indy.

Save yourself hours of sifting, sorting and searching for all the different camp opportunities and join Indy’s Child at the Castletown Square Mall on February 18, from 11am- 3pm, for the 28th Annual Indy’s Child Magazine Summer Camp Fair.

Along with dozens of camp programs, there will also be face painters, the Indy’s Child prize wheel, and a mock Indy’s Child cover photo shoot.

Don’t spend days, or even weeks planning your child’s summer schedule.

Do it all in an afternoon!


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