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Butler Community Arts School

Summer is the perfect time for students to take advantage of multiple opportunities at the Butler Community Arts School (BCAS) located on the beautiful campus of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Most of our camps serve the age groups of 7–11 and 12–18 and are offered with both commuter and residential options.

Basic Info:

Address: 4600 Sunset Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: (317) 940-5500
Email: [email protected]
Website: butler.edu/jordan-arts/butler-community-arts-school/summer-camps/
Gender of Campers: All Genders
Dates: June-July
Ages: 7-adult

Q&A with Butler Community Arts School:

What makes Butler Community Arts School

Each camp is run by a faculty member artistic director! They gather a staff of butler students, other faculty members, and local professionals. Students get to learn from incredible instructors in a low pressure, fun environment.

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What activities are offered at Butler Community Arts School?

It depends on the camp! Everything from private music lessons to ensemble work to dance classes to theatre classes and more.

What is the camper-to-counselor ratio?


Butler BCAS Camp 17 June 11 (1) (1)
Butler 22 July 2022 49 (1)
Butler BCAS Camp 24 June 2 (2) (1)
Butler BCAS Camp 17 June 16 (1) (1)

How much time do the campers spend outside?

It all depends on that Indiana weather!

Does the camp provide lunch/snacks or do parents need to provide them?

Yes! Lunch is included! Breakfast and dinner too if you stay in the dorms.

What is the typical daily schedule for campers?

Camps for students ages 12-18 are 9am-5pm camps. Camps for students ages 7-11 are half-day camps.

How old are the counselors and how are they trained?

College students and up. Aside from training during the academic year at the collegiate level, camp staff take place in a week-long training prior to camp season.

What accommodations are made for campers with special needs?

We accommodate a wide array of accessibility needs. If you have specific questions, please contact us. There is also space within the registration to list any accessibility needs of the camper.

Is this an overnight camp?


What does the camper’s living situation look like?

Campers stay in the beautiful Irvington House Dorm on campus!

How do parents and campers communicate?

Text or calls.

How does your camp handle homesickness?

RAs and the Dorm Chaperone are trained to assist with student homesickness. They’ll talk with the camper, encourage the camper to be in communication with their family, help them make new friends, etc.

What are the meals like at camp?

Campers eat in the campus dining hall – so they have a wide array of meals to pick form each day.

Can parents visit the camp?

Yes! Each camp has a final performance/presentation that parents attend.

Is the schedule highly structured, or do kids have a lot of free choices?

Evenings often have a number of fun activities that students can choose from. The camp day is generally fairly scheduled. Camps also include elective classes that students can choose between.

Butler BCAS Camp 24 June 8 (1)
Butler BCAS Camp 24 June 2 (2) (1)

Is transportation available to and from camp?

Message us if you have a transportation issue and we will see if we are able to assist!


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