Indy Parks Breaks Ground on New Broad Ripple Park Family Center

Superhero trainings, moonlight egg hunts, gingerbread house building. For the past two decades, the Broad Ripple Park Family Center has been a place for families to make memories that will last a lifetime. The space has served as a popular destination since it was built: first as a library, and then as a family center. Ever since opening its doors, the facility has welcomed and encouraged everyone to discover fitness, recreation, and activities with their family and friends.

But it’s a bittersweet summer at Broad Ripple Park. If you’ve stopped by recently, you’ve seen people coming to the park for painting classes, dance classes, and the Summer Concert and Movie Series. You’ve also noticed the construction crews. The family center has been torn down to make room for something new.

Back in 2019, after an exhaustive public input process, we shared plans for the park’s new family center, and we are thrilled that construction has started. The new facility will include a gymnasium and upgraded fitness areas. There will be an indoor walking track, group meeting space, multi-purpose rooms, and a children’s play area. Construction is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2022, and our park staff is already dreaming up programs that make the most of this unique space.

Part of our mission at Indy Parks is to connect communities by providing places and experiences that inspire healthy living. That emphasis on wellness is why we have partnered with Community Health Network to include a clinic within the new center, which will allow us to serve our neighbors in even bigger ways.

The family center is only a piece of the Broad Ripple Park Master Plan, which sets aside dedicated space within the park for athletics, environmental education, and open areas to gather with friends. Read about the park’s master plan here.

More than 300,000 people visit Broad Ripple Park each year, and we thought of them with every new idea we had for the family center and the park. We’re excited to update you throughout the construction process and to eventually invite you inside!

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